Workshop on Invariant Random Subgroups

organisation de l'atelier "IRS à Sète" pour l'ANR AGIRA

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The workshop Topics in Invariant random subgroups (Autour des sous-groupes aléatoires invariants) is organised with the support of the ANR AGIRA. The goal is to gather a small group to discuss a few specific research topics and hopefully make, or at least initiate, further progress on open questions in those, as well as giving an overview of the state of the art for all participants.


The workshop will take place in the Lazaret in Sète, from May 14th to 18th.

To get to the Lazaret from Sète train station you can take the bus: in front of the train station take the line 3 (timetable) from Gare SNCF (the bus departs in front of the building) to Plan de la Corniche, then walk along the Rue du pasteur Lucien Benoît until you arrive at the Lazaret (map).


Speakers for the lectures

  1. Lecture 1: Jean R.
  2. Lecture 2: Jean L.
  3. Lectures 3,4,5: Arie
  1. Bruno
  2. Adrien
  3. Jean R.
  1. Lectures 1&2 : Ian.
  1. Lecture 1: Jean L.
  2. Lecture 2: Jean R.

Research talks

  • Ferenc Bencs: IRS's in groups acting on rooted trees
  • Adrien le Boudec: Locally compact groups whose ergodic or minimal actions are all free
  • Arie Levit: Critical exponents of invariant random subgroups in negative curvature
  • Mikolaj Fraczyk: Convergence of IRSs

Abstracts are here.


Tuedsay Wednesday Thursday Friday
9h–9h45 NSZ 1 NSZ 4 unimodularity 1 entropy 1
10h–10h45 NSZ 2 NSZ 5 unimodularity 2 entropy 2
11h–11h45 NSZ 3 Neretin 2 Neretin 3 discussion
13h30–14h15 Neretin 1 free time discussion
14h30–15h15 discussion
15h30–16h45 free time
17h–18h Adrien Arie/Mikolaj Ferenc

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